Bully sex is also very exciting!

Sex is not limited to doggy style and Kamasutra, there are many other ways to enjoy and share a good time together. Provided that the couple trust each other, they can play at sex, and all the ideas of unlimited fucking or hardsex are on the menu.

Your fetish on display

Have you ever tied your partner to the bed and blindfolded him so that he can't see what you're doing, but he can hear everything? Most of the time, it is men who like to be tied up at the foot of the bed like that. And if you put yourself in his shoes and interpret what he is going through. Already, hearing the snap of the elastic band of his partner's panties makes him capsize. Then comes the oil drop on the man's chest, and that slightly cold but sensual hand that caresses him. And she goes further and becomes the cock massager, a real professional. And she goes back and forth on the man, skin to skin, and she rubs herself, and the heat of her mouth grazes the ears, the mouth, the neck, and ends with a very intense cock sucking. And that's when your partner opens your eyes, and unties you so that in turn she can have what she wants too.

You are mine

It's not just the 'tie me to the bed' game that drives men crazy about sex. Ladies can play the victim of a raped woman so that her partner becomes a sex bully. The cliché is discovered with a blindfold, and handcuffs then a bandage to the mouth also it does not hurt. The man who takes the role of the rapist and pervert at the same time, he is equipped with his belt and why not a sex machine. The aim of the game is to torture the woman, but to excite her at the same time. So, he starts to tie her up, who is just equipped with a little fine lingerie. Then he excites her by playing with her breasts, her clitoris, and once the tension rises, he puts the pumping machine on. And he, in turn, masturbates as he watches his partner being slammed by the automatic cock. Her cries and tears are a kind of reward for the man, she will cum up to ten times before the real sexual act with penetration. And even on this part, there is rarely any touching, but several postures of position until the ejaculation.
This kind of fantasy has no specific rules, only that it would be a bit ignoble if it is for the first time.

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